Compliance workshops

While the compliance manual and our helpline are excellent sources of advice and support, sometimes there’s no substitute for face to face discussion.

This is why we run a series of workshops throughout the year across multiple locations throughout the UK. The contents of the workshops can reflect current hot topics for the FCA or pick up on issues which the helpline or our compliance support visits have identified as being something on which members want additional support.

Our workshops are interactive so we encourage questions throughout, discuss issues and collaboratively work out solutions. Plus, before, after and during the breaks experienced staff are on hand to provide one to one advice.

Our compliance training workshops are all CII CPD accredited which signifies that we have reached, and continue to maintain, an industry recognised high standard in our compliance training provision.

CII CPD accredited

Demonstrates the quality of the training provider’s course and confirms that it meets CII member CPD scheme requirements. Read more...