Giving you insight

We don’t just provide generic templates and procedures that tick regulatory boxes, or simply repeat announcements from the regulator.

At UKGI we provide you with the benefit of our many years experience. We review legal and regulatory publications and translate this into meaningful guidance for our clients. Our aim is to help you cut through the jargon to understand what is relevant and what it means to your organisation.

This level of insight and the practical guidance we offer is just one of the things that we believe sets UKGI apart from the rest.

We’ll help you cut through the huge volume of information on regulatory obligations to highlight what is and is not relevant to your business model.

We’ll do this through a range of measures including online and telephone guidance, regular bulletins, workshops, health checks and onsite audits.

At UKGI we have a wealth of experience in helping clients with TCF.

We can review your processes to provide you with an accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of TCF. This isn’t about reinventing the wheel, we can not only help you ensure TCF is embedded within the organisation, but also that this is effectively documented and can be evidenced.

MI is an important tool for any business, from measuring new business to identifying where a process needs to be changed.

We can help you review your MI to ensure that you get the most out of the information available, looking at how it can be used to help you satisfy your regulatory obligations. Whether it’s statistical information or formal output from audits and health checks, we’ll help you understand what it means and how it can be used to the benefit of your business.

We’ll help you see more clearly...

Having the benefit of our insight and experience means you’ll be able to see more clearly how your business is affected by changes to regulation, as well as how you’re currently performing and where improvements are required.

Contact us today to discover how UKGI can help your organisation.

CII CPD accredited

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