Giving you control

UKGI will allow you to take control of business risk management within your organisation.

We’ll take you through the process of putting proportionate systems and controls in place that work for your business, forming a solid foundation to build upon and ultimately add value to your business. This includes looking at areas such as:

A structured corporate governance framework is absolutely key to any successful business.

We work with you to embed a framework which will give you, your staff, your customers and the regulator confidence that the business is adequately controlled, risk aware, robustly managed, and it takes responsibility for its actions.

Who should be responsible for key areas of the business is not always immediately apparent.

Our expert team can help you define and document key accountabilities in addition to establishing the scope of responsibility to avoid matters inadvertently falling between two stools. Everyone including your staff, customers and the regulator benefits from having clarity in who the key people are and what they do.

Responsibility within the business only works when accountability is maintained through clear, proportionate controls and periodic monitoring.

A business can’t operate without knowing how it is performing not just commercially but across all aspects of the business. Using our experience and industry knowledge we can help you implement effective systems and robust but manageable control mechanisms to take away your worries so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Just the beginning of the journey...

There’s nothing worse than the unknown. By helping you to take control of business risk management we’ll show you where your organisation is in terms of compliance and good business practice. Not only that, but we’ll also show you where you need to be, and help you to get there.

Contact us today to discover how UKGI can help your organisation.

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